Advertising with Inflatables: BLOWERS & AIRMOVERS

B-Air GP-1 Grizzly

Looking for a versatile air mover than can tackle any situation? The Grizzly GP-1 is your answer! This commercial air mover is designed to adapt to any situation, with three different angles of air flow (horizontal, vertical, and 90°), with an optional 4th position using a swing-out kickstand. The Grizzly also has 3 speeds to choose from, making it perfect for any sized water damage restoration job. With its high impact Roto-Molded polyethylene casing, you can rest easy knowing your Grizzly will last you for years to come.

B-Air CP-1 Cub

Model CP-1 is a uniquely designed single cage (brushless) dryer offering low amp draw (2.3amps), built in handle for easy positioning and carrying and constructed of non rusting high impact roto molded Polyethylene to provide years of dependable service. Options, such as a Cage Dryer Kit (CDDK) and filter system make it the most versatile single cage dryer on the market today.

B-Air KP-1 Kodiak

The New 1HP Kodiak Blower (KP-1) from B-Air is the latest in the efficiency of amps and space usage in order to obtain the highest possible static pressure and CFM. The Kodiak creates remarkable 1170 CFM with 8.8″ of static pressure at a low 7.0 amp draw which comes in real handy with today’s larger and older Inflatables that are being used in limited residential power supply. In addition, the Kodiak has a reverse air louver assembly outlet a 25ft cords and stackable capabilities. The Kodiak is light at 33 lbs and easy to carry with its built in handle.

B-Air KP-1.5 Kodiak

True to its name, the new Kodiak 1.5 HP is B-Air’s latest most powerful innovation in a 1.5 HP blower. Based on the proven Kodiak 1 HP the NEW #KP-1.5 is designed to produce 1290 CFM with 9.8 inches of static pressure while maintaining a low 8.8 running amp draw. As with its predecessor the KP-1.5 is housed in a compact light weight high impact roto molded housing with the same easy to carry handle, 25 ft cord and the patented safety designed “reverse air louvers” all B-Air Blowers have standard.

BB-3 Big Bear

The Big Bear 3 by B-Air is a special lightweight and cost effective blower design made for inflatable advertising. The BB-3 produces 5200 CFM of upward air flow that can inflate air puppets of up to 20 feet in height. The B-Air Big Bear 3 comes standard with a wide base for stability. The BB-3’s base comes with safety screens on all open vents along with built-in carrying handles, 4 lockable wheels and a pull strap for easy moving. As with all B-Air products, the BB-3 is made of a high impact rotomolded plastic to ensure durability. The exhaust port’s outer perimeter is equipped with a 2” Velcro strip to accommodate a secure connection to any air puppet of up to 20 feet in height. The 2 speed ¾ HP motor of the Big Bear BB-3 produces over 5200 CFM of directional air flow while drawing a low 7 amps.

5200 CFM
¾ HP
2 Speed
7 Amps
15 ft Power Cord
35 LBS
Safety Screens on all Open Vents
Built-In Carrying Handle

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