Advertising with Inflatables: Mascots & Characters

Giant Inflatable Custom Character

Looking to really get your brand noticed? We can turn your 2D company mascot into a giant custom 3D Inflatable Mascot or Character.

Virtually any shape and size is possible, from a 6’ Inflatable Chef Character to use in your tradeshow booth or on the festival tour to a 25’ Football Player Inflatable for your local sporting event, our Inflatable Characters & Mascots are sure to grab attention and get people excited!

We can even design your custom Inflatable Character to go on your rooftop to create everyday awareness and increase traffic to your business! Add internal lighting to give your Inflatable display a nice glow after dark or removable Velcro Inflatable Banners to swap out for different promotions or sponsorship opportunities throughout the year.

An Inflatable Mascot or Character is the perfect advertising tool for Grand Openings and Community Events. Keep it in one place for as long as you like or move it around to various locations, your Inflatable Display is easy to setup and takedown, and can pack away to fit in a sedan car.

Once your custom Inflatable order goes to production, we’ll create a 3D model as part of the manufacturing process to make sure we get your Inflatable Character shape just right and accurately represent your brand. From there, cutting and assembly takes place and in just a few weeks, your Inflatable order is ready to go. No detail is overlooked when building your custom Inflatable Character! Our quality materials and workmanship are best in the industry and sure to help make your Inflatable last for years to come!

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world such as McDonald’s, Kraft and Dodge Ram to create a unique and memorable marketing piece. Get in touch today and let’s make your Inflatable Character next!

Inflatable Lacrosse Player Inflatable Battery Boy Inflatable Kool Aid Man Logo Inflatable Hamburger Helper
Giant Inflatable of Viking Giant Inflatable of Donair Mascot Giant Inflatable of Ronald Mcdonald Giant Inflatable Bull
Inflatable Cow with ATNA written on side Giant inflatable skier for BF Goodrich Giant inflatable big boy holding burger Giant Inflatable Crab
Inflatable Esso tiger Giant Inflatable dragon for Manchu Wok Giant custom inflatable Pikachu for advertisement Custom Inflatable Santa
Custom inflatable Character for SPCA of cat Several custom inflatable characters Custom inflatable character for Wendys Custom inflatable character
Custom inflatable character CWB Clown Custom inflatable character Custom inflatable character
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