Advertising with Inflatables: HOT AIR BALLOONS

Hot Air Balloon at Ford Dealership

Over the years, replicas of hot air balloons on rooftops have become synonymous with inflatable advertising—in fact, they continue to be our best seller. Customize with your company’s logo, colours, banners and any text that gets your message across to potential and existing customers and clients. “Grand Opening! Sale this Week! Find your Item here!” Then to top it off completely, include an internal light or spot light to draw eyes and traffic to your business, day or night with this inflatable balloon large scale advertising.

Draw all eyes to your rooftops or storefronts for an impactful, bold, visual display. Hot air balloons are immediately eye catching for blocks around with vibrant colours and attraction. Envision an inflatable balloon customized with your graphic, logos, advertisements and messages to relay to your existing and future customers. Even at night your inflatable hot air balloon can be illuminated to keep your company and brand visual among all other advertising signage.

Professionally sewn and secured hot air balloons can be constructed to any size, colour and pattern imaginable. Each inflatable balloon is sustained by a cold air, electrical blower to keep the structure fully formed at all times. These hot air balloons can withstand -40 up to +50 degrees and strong winds with secure tethers and installed safely affixed to your rooftop.

Each inflatable balloon can draw positive attention to Grand Openings, Sales, Festivals, Holidays and more! Create your own custom banners to change your message at any time. We can design and construct interchangeable banners to attach to your inflated balloon to suit your advertising message or event.

Any kind of advertising or event can be complimented and celebrated with a hot air balloon by Windship Inflatables. Speak with a Windship Advertising expert to customize a grand format impact for your business with unlimited choices and sizes of a hot air balloon.

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