Advertising with Inflatables: REPLICAS

An Inflatable replica of your brand is the visual impact that sets your business apart from the competitors in your commercial block. Draw in the senses of a hot cup of coffee or a sandwich with fries. Maybe a decorated cupcake to draw the eye of a sweet tooth? Perhaps a creamy ice cream cone on a hot day. The visual impact of your product increases the drive towards your food establishment with an invitation to your customers and business. Let the public know exactly what you’re selling with a giant inflatable replica. Windship Advertising can make a custom inflatable that resembles the product you’re offering.

Check out the brands we have replicated, to any scale. Restaurant identity; established or growing, is where we can help you soar above the rest.

This inflatable replica of your speciality sets you apart from the rest when drawing the attention to your best seller. As you go into a food district area, consider what will attract eyes to what you offer. As a business owner you are familiar that a focus on one feature seller also brings in those side orders everyone can enjoy as well! What an inviting way to say, “Here is where we will meet your taste buds and satisfy that hunger”. An inflatable replica of your provisions or mascot says “Be Here”!

Windship Advertising assists in any size, scale, custom angle and design of an inflatable replica that suits your business advertising needs. Reinforced professionally, always provided with a Canadian and US certified blower and secure strap tethering.

Keep your business impact and professionalism within your personal lunch counter to quick service restaurant. Headed to lead at venue such as a hockey arena, expo center, food festival or a music concert? That inflatable replica of a beer can or juice bottle will lead the way. A Hot dog sounds good with that. Staff up for the extra traffic!

Windship Advertising has worked with brands from around the world, with all inflatable replica displays. We invite you to review examples of previous projects in our photos. We are the leader in duplicating your image or mascot as an inflatable display and getting it right the first time with our extended experience of over 37 years.

Get recognition and recall from your Giant Inflatable Shape, and increase your sales volume through this unique marketing effort. We have the expertise to design and produce virtually any size or shape Inflatable Advertising replica. In addition to custom Inflatables, we also offer out-of- the-box stock Inflatable advertising solutions that still reflect your company’s logo, signage, mascot, and more. If you can dream it, we can make it—so let your imagination create!

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