Advertising with Inflatables: SIGNS

Inflatable sign for MTV

Supersize your message or logo with an Inflatable Sign. We make portable, inflatable billboards and other custom inflatable signage. Ideal for events, concerts, radio station remote broadcasts, and much more. Create an entrance to your event with any theme or style you desire.

These 3D dynamic displays pop out amongst thousands of concert go-ers, telling them where to be. If you had your radio kiosk set for interviews or drawing in spectators this will grab their attention! In a big crowd, let your space be the place. Encourage vendors to set up around an Inflatable Sign at this meeting spot while interacting with live artists and live music broadcasts.

It’s impossible to miss this stand out advertising display! Large, die-cut logos draw in the excitement of the event and will be an attraction to the party. Many will come excited to buy their snacks, souvenirs, and some nostalgia of their time at a big event. Maybe a t-shirt or record. Perhaps you could collaborate with your sponsors with your inflatable image to set up. Be a part of it! An inflatable logo or sign, custom designed as you present to us, we will then create your inflatable logo or kiosk booth. It can be replicated to any size and any design.

No detail is overlooked when building your custom Inflatable logo sign! Our quality materials and workmanship are best in the industry and sure to help make your Inflatable last for years to come!

Keep your Inflatable Sign in the same spot all year or move it around with you from event to event—it’s completely up to you. Each Inflatable is designed to be setup quickly wherever you need it.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world such as Coca-Cola, Ford and Clear Channel to create a unique and memorable marketing piece. Get in touch today and let’s make your Inflatable Sign next!

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Signs Signs Signs Signs
Signs Signs Signs Signs
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