Advertising with Inflatables: TUNNELS

Inflatable Sports Tunnel or Entrance depicting football helmet

At the beginning of a game the players and coaches get their spirit up and game on, “Let’s Go Team” Start! Add an element of spectacle to your next game with a dynamic entry, Inflatable Tunnel for the team to run through. Psych up your players like pros and excite the stands with a burst of confidence and strength and determination to start off the game! Windship Advertising can assist you in putting inflatable action into any event. How about a 15ft team mascot or local landmark themed tunnel? We can build you tunnels for relays or races to get that event jumpin’ with some competition and prizes!

We can create a massive inflatable tunnel for athletes to travel through en route to the field or ice rink, inspired by the team’s history, theme, or logo. Let them burst out through a paper or ribbon wall of the team colours. Add a brass band and a few cheerleaders and you are ready to take it to the Championship!

We’ll pump up the Inflatable Tunnel and inflatable mascot, you pump up the fans! We can build your inflatable interactive tunnels for relays or races to excite that event with some added fun.

Any Inflatable Tunnel can be created with an inflated replica of your mascot bursting through and escorting them out to the field. For all teammates and fans! The competition will feel they’re being outdone before the game even begins. We like to make your event amazing and guarantee that is what you will receive with any sports tunnels, mascots, jerseys or celebrations your team enjoys!

Our Inflatable Tunnels can be used in any variety of events that you can imagine. Contact a Windship Advertising professional to bring your ideas to life.

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Tunnels Tunnels Tunnels Tunnels
Tunnels Tunnels Tunnels
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